Supporting the needs of people with cancer
Focus on Life is a non-profit organization which supports the needs of individuals and families living with cancer and those facing blood or marrow transplants.

Focus on Life was established to assist people with cancer by enhancing their quality of life. Our mission is to achieve this through meeting some of their unique emotional, social and financial needs.

Focus on Life provides:

* Patient Advocacy

* One-on-one telephone consultation and support.

* Accompaniment to the hospital for doctor's consultations.

* Links to information resources.

* Educational awareness and outreach programs.

* Relief for the caregiver during transplant.

* Lifelink laptop computer available for patient during time of need.

For more information, please contact Sharon Lichtenthal, Founder / Patient Advocate, at or call 917-705-4146.

Donations to Focus on Life are tax deductable, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

You can write us at: Focus on Life, 1365A 56th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219.